Steel Vengeance Mean Streak RMC Construction Update #5 ~ Cedar Point

As always with an upcoming ride, there are constant changes, and this week is no exception at America’s Roller Coast:

So the first couple developments since our last update and since that hard hat tour take place away from the construction site. First up we have learned that the public is invited to a grand hootenanny on 8/16 at high noon! We will likely learn all the details about the coaster and the story behind they’re coming and so on. Speaking of the story, we have also learned the names of of the 3 villains:

All the buildings would seem to be at Cedar Point that are shadowed on the playing cards. Chess could be a female villain since she is on the Queen.

Shortly after those invites went out with the names of the characters we got a closer look at “Digger”! His wanted poster has been colored in and I would expect we see the same for the other 2 characters soon. Also of note, we see bullet holes shot through Digger’s picture almost in a lift hill angle. Finally the details tell us he was last seen at a Conestoga which is a western wagon shop.

Wanted posters have started to spread throughout the back of the park. We noticed more have appeared over by the Jitney Arcade. We also noticed the lack of a poster that was once on the covered bridge:

Over on the construction site, the biggest and now tallest story is the lift hill. It continues to climb at a steep angle and looks to be nearing peak very soon!

In these next shots we get a nice look at what supports are left to be built up to the ever climbing lift. We also see the first drop supports we’ve highlighted before on the right side of the first picture below:

One final wide look shows us the lift hill relative to the other elements that run under it and around:

Closer up now, as we saw in the video, we can see stairs and just a nicer look at the support system for the track:

We got lucky and had a chance to see some track getting installed again on our visit for this update. Track is now being placed where we have shown supports at in the downward sweeping turn area. This is the area that heads towards the entrance. Again, be sure to watch the video for more on this:

Continuing on down from this area we saw several pieces lined up for installation all the way to the former entrance area:

Also in this area, we noticed some track staged and what is almost certainly going to be a really cool barrel roll style inversion. The hanging support piece that is upside down is a key giveaway of at least an inversion of some sort. Take note of the angled supports that lead into the fully upside down support in the second and third pictures:

So how do they get long rails like the ones we see into these tight spaces? Very carefully! It starts with a ground lift slowly wedging and maneuvering it into place. After that, the larger crane lifts and holds it in place as it is attached to the structure like we saw above:

We close out this update with a look at the area we last saw a piece get installed in and obviously being almost 2 weeks ago seems pretty complete here. This track seems to head for the area we covered today:

As always we welcome your feedback and thoughts on what the character cards mean or any other theories you’d like to share! Simply comment below or join the conversation on our social accounts!

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3 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    “Finally the details tell us he was last seen at a Conestoga which is a western wagon shop.”

    A conestoga is actually what a particular type of covered wagon itself is called, so I believe the line in the poster means he was seen in a wagon outside of town, not a shop.

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  2. August 16, 2017

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