Steel Vengeance Mean Streak RMC Construction Update #4 ~ Cedar Point

There’s great progress, great new details and one pretty wicked teaser in this week’s update:

That teaser poster is an interesting one. Looks to be a steam punk style villain, maybe somebody that would seek revenge. If we remember the Maverick story when that coaster opened, the mavericks saved Frontierland from outlaws. Maybe this “RailBlazer” (rumored name) could be the mob boss of the outlaws. As you saw in the video, 2 more exact posters have gone up.

Another detail I notice is the $875 reward money. This could hint at speed or angle of descent that Tony hinted at earlier this week, but then played off by talking about Magnum XL-200’s angle of drop.

Moving over to the site 2 big track projects are taking place this week. We start off, much like the ride will, with the lift.

Track has been rising since a couple of days after the 4th of July and has gone to about where another turn would sweep under it:

Another angle shows us that not only is track going up on the lift but stairs as well:

At the present leave off point, track is right at the turn below as we mentioned above:

A worker was already hard at work on the next set of track supports:

At the very top we can see where the drop will start. In the 2nd picture, we see our first set of downward supports:

These supports for track are already in place for most of the drop as mentioned above and in previous updates. The picture progress from top of lift to bottom of drop:

In that last picture, you may notice some more track. This is the second area of the coaster where track was being added this week. In what is likely a double up occurring after dropping out of the MCBR we showed you last week. We can even this track from inside the park looking through the old entrance area:

Over at the campground, once again we find a better look at this section. Notice in the second picture we see the supports highlighted above as being for the first big drop:

We even get a peek through the trees of the drop into the above element; just check out that banking:

Speaking of banked track we also found another look at this area with a stunning over-banked turn:

Another surprise we find is a 3rd section of the ride having track installed while we were there! As you can see workers were actively bolting this rail into place. Be sure to watch the video above for more on this!

To close this week’s update I wanted to show an order of pictures of supports. These are either going the progression I show here or the exact opposite. To give you a general idea these supports cross right through the old entrance queue but most take place is the large left side structure mostly at ground level. Our look starts with support that dive towards the ground and we see even more ground level supports:

Next up, supports go up slightly to some side-mounted supports likely another high banked turn or inversion:

Finally, supports cross the old entrance and go slightly up. This all we can see at this time but see below for more layout speculation:

Again, the direction the train will go is speculative at this point, but wanted to show you a sorta connect the dots version using supports. At this time my best guess is this is the last area of track before making one final sweeping turn and heading back to the station. The double -up out of the MCBR would likely go into that track being installed into a helix of supports we’ve highlighted before then into the area above.


In the potential name department our friends at Screamscape are reporting 3 trademarked names from Cedar Fair in the past couple weeks. Cedar Fair will likely have 4 new coasters across its parks , one of which is obviously going to Cedar Point.  Another is going to California’s Great America and one also to Kings Dominion as Hurler receives a similar treatment as Mean Streak. The names being reported are:

  • “Hangtime” this sounds like a better name for a suspended coaster. Haven’t heard much talk about this name.
  • “RailBlazer” many are reporting they’ve heard this name surrounding the Kings Dominion project but not a bad name for any of the parks. For the CA park, it would fit the gold rush style theme, however.
  • “The Ledge” is another name being talked about a lot  and my sources have it being directed more towards CP so we’ll have to wait and see on that one

Be sure to follow our social accounts as we continue to cover this ongoing progress at Cedar Point! The coaster looks more and more exciting each week. Give us your thoughts on the layout on our social pages or below in the comments!

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  2. July 28, 2017

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