Mean Streak RMC Construction Update #3 ~ Cedar Point

This week brings us a few new changes and looks from the back of park project. Apologies in advance for some of the poor video quality, stay through the end though for another look from the campground! Our photos below also features shots taken from the campground area. REMEMBER!!! We never enter into non-guest areas to bring you these shots, it is unsafe and against park rules of course.

So this week the big story is the addition of more track. This time it shows up on the old mid-course brake run (MCBR) area we’ve been showing you.

Last week:

This week:

From the Slingshot area we get another look:

Just to the left, we see track (thru the wood-work) that would presumably enter into this flat area of the ride if the new coaster is anything like its predecessor:

The campground gives us a better angle of that track, basically looking from the exact other side here:

We also see track being completed on the other side, presumably exiting the flat section:

If it does exit that area here, it will do so into a nice drop all the way to near ground level it seems. The 2nd picture shows the valley of the drop nearing the ground:

Once again, the campground give us a better view:

Looking through the entrance area, we see supports that could be the continuation of the track from the above section (sorry for the semi-blurry pic):

Speaking of the entrance area a little more demo to the queue rails and fences has taken place:

This is likely due to the addition of a couple more supports. It will be interesting to see if we still enter the line for the ride here with track this low in this area:

A couple pieces of track are still sitting by the railroad crossing. We also spotted a lot more pieces through the trees while riding the train:

To close out this update, a look at some beautiful track work from our campground angle:

Cedar Point’s Twitter also shared possibly the first tease we’ve seen in awhile via Twitter:

Meanwhile over on Tony Clark’s Twitter, (PR Person for the park) shared this a little before the above tease:

We shared these teases on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well! What do you think the Cedar Point tease video means? “They are rolling in like thunder” Give us your thoughts below in the comments or via our social pages:

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  1. July 14, 2017

    […] track was being added this week. In what is likely a double up occurring after dropping out of the MCBR we showed you last week. We can even this track from inside the park looking through the old entrance […]

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