Mean Streak RMC Construction Update #2 ~ Cedar Point

Welcome to our 2nd and a little shorter update on the mysterious hybrid roller coaster being built at Cedar Point. This week we feature a closer look through the wooden supports of the former coaster. We were also able to get a little closer by going to the railroad crossing many will trek when the new coaster opens next year! (We hope!) First up, our video, and I apologize in advance for some of the shots and audio, it was a little breezy.

From our closer vantage point, we can discover more supports lurking under the all those old wood supports look closely and you’ll see a layout of steel supports in these shots:

The banking is pretty intense possibly even over-banked in the 2nd shot below:

We also notice this steel structure stair step climbing inside the main frame-work here:

This leads us directly to what seems to be another set of supports for an inversion:

Here is one more look at the structure we think climbs to that inversion area just above:

To give you an idea how the connectors work, here’s a close up shot of direct track supports like the ones above only with attached track:

We also get a good look at the old entrance and see that it is still pretty much intact. Also intact is the queue that led to the station platform so maybe this won’t be changing much:

Another remnant of Mean Streak includes this sign with the old logo still on the photo booth. The booth itself and exit area of the old coaster are walled off:

The lift alleged lift area hasn’t changed much since our 1st update. In the past week, various source have told us the lift could be as tall as 235 feet at its peak! If true this will be much taller than the 161 height of the former coaster. We’ve heard nothing more on the 1st drop being vertical at this time:

Another couple of sources have mentioned the idea of a launching area in the mid-course brake area we showed you last week. Though a rumor this is a viable possibility given the reinforcement of existing structure. this would be an exciting addition to a coaster that already looks like the best design RMC has ever done!

To close out this update, how about a nice zoom shot of the inversion we showed you last time:

For more info on the coaster and what we know so far be sure to check out our 1st update. For the latest on the coaster be sure to follow our social links below:

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