Mean Streak RMC Construction Update #1 ~ Cedar Point

Welcome to our 1st Cedar Point based construction update on the transformation happening to the coaster formerly known as Mean Streak. We’re diving right in to coverage on this exciting project which is likely to debut next season. Here’s our first of many videos from the site:

Obviously, we are picking up coverage in the middle of progress on the project. Catching up if you remember last year Ray got a chance to visit the park on Mean Streak’s closing day.

Funny on the park map we see a blank site with construction equipment and blank dirt:

What we do know just from seeing the track is this is a Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) project. This company is known for taking old and rougher wooden coasters and giving them new life with I-beam shaped steel rails and cool elements. They are also known for maintaining some of the existing wooden structure from the previous coaster:

Picking up with where we are today, in the Gemini midway area, we see 2 of the bigger hills on both the former coaster and the upcoming one. These are expected to be the first 2 hills after dropping off the lift hill:

As we will see in several parts of the project track work is well underway with RMC’s signature track. Here’s a couple zoomed in shots of those 2 big hills:

From outside the park we can see that second hill is actually banked outward, an example of those interesting elements RMC loves to use:

Also from this angle we can see the valley of the 2 hills highlighted above:

Getting back inside the park, near those 2 hills is also the former brake run area, not yet featuring track:

Back by the train station, there is a ton to see. Starting off, we see the lift support structure but more on that later from outside the park:

Going through that structure we look at the first inversion we saw on this update. The track literally twists through an entanglement of woodwork:

This appears to be another trick track style element. This would also turn over top of where the lift hill would start:

To the right of the above picture, we can see the inversion above in the background and the twisted and track going into the above pictured section. The foreground track looks to be another inversion:

And before all of that we see a section of what is likely the valley of the 3rd drop in the coaster. It appears to be going up slightly before continuing to the above pictured elements. Though it is hard to see there are 2 sets of rails running right next to each other. The ones in the foreground are the 3rd drop and the others are coming out of the 1st inversion we showed you:

The station is looking fairly untouched from what we can see. Other than the obvious modifications for track and loading that we can’t see:

Exiting the station, we can see some track installed from inside the park:

And even more track going into the start of the lift outside the park:

We also see several track pieces and lots of wood structure still waiting their final place on the new coaster:

Looking up the lift, on the right we see the high turn we highlighted from the train station inside the park. This seems to go slightly downhill and continue on into another turn:

This is the area where we expect to see the first drop area going in. The mid-level structure looks to be some final stretch hills before returning to the station:

Taking a look closer to the 1st big hill out of the drop we can look closely and see the low-level support structure for those above hill structures. If you look closely on the right side of the picture, you can see track. This is likely the valley of the first drop:

Looking from a different angle we see the supports tunneling under the main structure:

Above that, if you look closely you can see the track going around the lift on the high turns then doing that twist inversion under the lift and downward to the near parallel track we discussed earlier:

We close out our 1st update with a couple angles of the lift and drop area. In the 1st picture we are looking straight on and we can vaguely see the support from the first drop. In the 2nd picture, from a side angle we see the top of the lift again but not much angle on the drop.

Many have begun asking and speculating this could be a near vertical drop. Lots of questions are still unanswered and were excited to see how this project progress!

In the meantime, be sure to follow our social accounts as we share others updates on the project. With our new/ existing correspondents we will be having wider spread coverage of America’s great theme parks.

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  1. June 27, 2017

    […] more info on the coaster and what we know so far be sure to check out our 1st update. For the latest on the coaster be sure to follow our social links […]

  2. August 3, 2017

    […] After completing that daunting 1st drop rider will head into this turn and head towards the 3rd outward banked turn (2nd pictures) which we highlighted in our first couple updates: […]

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