Mako Soft Opens at SeaWorld Orlando!


Well today was day 1, kinda, of public operation for what was a very anticipated coaster for us here at WildGravity Travels and for some of you that followed along! Mako has entered its soft opening phase just a bout a week before grand opening on 6/10. For those that don’t know, soft opening at any park generally means it could open or close at anytime through the day without notice.

Mako - Soft - Opening - SeaWorld - Orlando - 003

For Mako, you must get one of these tickets to ride and turn it in just before going upstairs:

Mako - Soft - Opening - SeaWorld - Orlando - 002

Summer of Mako Signs have already started appearing around the coaster:

Mako - Soft - Opening - SeaWorld - Orlando - 004 Mako - Soft - Opening - SeaWorld - Orlando - 005

After a brief photo-shoot this morning Mako was ready for soft opening:

Mako - Soft - Opening - SeaWorld - Orlando - 001

Here’s a looks at the queue and some of the station effects in video form:

Don’t worry we will have a full final construction update in our media day recap post showing off the whole completed area of Shark Wreck Reef and more videos late next week. In the mean-time be sure to follow us via our social channels as exciting things will be happening around Mako leading up to the grand opening June 10th:

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