Mako ~ SeaWorld San Diego Officially Announced

SeaWorld San Diego has officially announced their 2020 coaster after several unofficial leaks yesterday. Mako, a name Florida SeaWorld fans know all too well, will be the name of the latest West coast roller coaster.

Mako will still be a B&M like its Florida counterpart, however this one will be a dive coaster. Though a shorter model dive coaster from the company, Mako will still be the tallest fastest of its kind in California.

Here’s the stats on Mako:

  • 153′ feet tall
  • 143′ vertical drop
  • 2 inversions
  • Hammerhead turn (not helix)
  • Flat spin
  • 3 rows per train, 6 riders per row

The animal-conservation element of the new attraction will focus on shark awareness and conservation, and will include a partnership with a shark conservation organization.

The coaster will be located adjacent to Journey to Atlantis in the southeast corner of the park in an area that is currently a parking lot.

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