Mako Construction Update ~ SeaWorld Orlando #1


Welcome to WildGravity Travels first ever construction update and I’m proud to continue to cover this project as the Mako has now fully surface to its full height of 200 feet tall. I had the luck/ privilege of being there just after the crown of the lift was hoisted into place!

As you can see in the gallery of other angles below workers continued to bolt both track pieces into place and in the full support:

Mako - Construction - 001

Mako - Construction - 005

Mako - Construction - 002


Taking a brief look at the other side of the construction site near the main lagoon we find work is continuing on preparing forms to pour more footers.

Mako - Construction - 006

Over on the track site we can see that a lot, if not all the remaining track pieces are on site. Notice lots of sweeping turns and banked/ angled pieces of track:

Mako - Construction - 007

One notable piece of track still on the lot appears to be the completion of the crown and start of the first drop. Notice the square on the side and how it matches those in the lift hill pictures above. Those squares support the maintenance stairs for daily safety inspections:

Mako - Construction - 008

With the lift completed we can now focus on the first drop and other cool elements that will soon be in place on this beautiful hyper coaster design!

Stay tuned to WildGravity Travels for all the comprehensive coverage of Mako moving forward!

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s really exciting to see all of the progress. I can’t wait until it’s completed! Great update, keep em coming!

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