Mako Construction Update #6 ~ SeaWorld Orlando


Choo Choo!!! Train noises may be a weird way to start this update but that’s exactly what we could have at Mako; coaster coaches (cars) that make up a train are likely behind the tarp and still being loaded in each night:

Mako - Construction - 055

While not confirmed the park put out this teaser clip on twitter the other day:

While this doesn’t prove anything either, all trains made by B&M are made in Switzerland while track is made at different factories around the world. With the station going in nicely at this time programming can begin soon even without track completion. Speaking of the station our friend John Wiencek of sent us this photo to share with our readers:

Johnny - UpsideDown - 001

For more of John’s content on Mako check out his page!

Here’s a look at the station from another angle:

Mako - Construction - 056

When we first arrived to the site morning of this update we notice a piece of track waiting to be moved into place and a lonely support:

Mako - Construction - 057

About twenty minutes later the piece was happily being put into place! This is for the hill before the turn-around element and track work out here has been feverish for almost 3 weeks now:

Mako - Construction - 058

Inside the park a little later, we see another support piece being hoisted into place and a track piece waiting nearby for placement:

Also inside the park, we see the track coming out of the mid-course brakes is being installed which could mean we will see more track work progressing inside the park toward the main lagoon soon:

Mako - Construction - 062

Mako - Construction - 063

Speaking of main lagoon area we had a chance to see the beginnings of a footer there today with re-bar supports being planted in a deep hole that will soon mostly be concrete:

Mako - Construction - 064

Taking a quick look at the entrance area worker were very committed to this area as well today appearing to put finishing touches on the block/concrete work:

Mako - Construction - 065

To close out, I know I’ve been highlighting Kraken with Manta a lot lately, for some of you probably too much lately. Today, I was shown a neat angle that positions Kraken’s loop between Mako’s lift and high-banked turn:

Mako - Construction - 066

Thanks for reading and following along! To check out past updates visit our tag link: Mako Construction Updates

SeaWorld - Orlando - Macaw - 001

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