Mako Construction Update #5 ~ SeaWorld Orlando


With track going up everyday it can be hard to keep up with a shark being built so fast, but here’s our 5th #NothingFaster update!

This week’s treat is a new angle of the coaster showing us the valley after the first drop and much more unseen details:

Mako - Construction - 039

Turning our attention to the left of the above photo we see both turns highlighted last week are complete and then some:

Mako - Construction - 040

Taking a closer look at the high over-banked turn promising a to be a great element:

Mako - Construction - 041

Just below, the returning to park right turn is complete and we also see another drop piece of track being put in:

Mako - Construction - 042

Mako - Construction - 043

The track work will likely continue at its rapid pace over here until complete as we see lots of work happening near “Kraken  Lagoon” which is currently drained for the most part. The 2nd picture below shows where the turn-around element will likely be:

Mako - Construction - 044

Mako - Construction - 045

Another #MakoSighting with a new area, at least to me, being used to store the track other than the lot at Discovery Cove.  These pieces are likely to complete the areas above given their storage location:

Mako - Construction - 046

Mako - Construction - 047

Showing off the top of the lift from our new angle, we see Mako’s lift dwarfing Kraken’s lift  even with Kraken in the foreground:

Mako - Construction - 048

From inside the park we see that crew are still working to put the finishing mechanical touches on the lift and we are still waiting to see the chain installed though that could be awhile longer:

Mako - Construction - 049

A quick look shows us the station is still a work in progress as well:

Mako - Construction - 050

Out on the main lagoon we see not much change but today they were moving dirt around again:

Mako - Construction - 051

Mako - Construction - 052

The lack of track work could be changing soon with the addition of two new larger gates on both walls recently added:

Mako - Construction - 053

Mako - Construction - 054

The entrance area remains unchanged from last week which could also indicate they have reached a point where they are waiting on track work before moving forward.

As always, thanks for reading and following along! To check out past updates visit our tag link: Mako Construction Updates

SeaWorld Orlando - Flamingo - 001

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