Mako Construction Update #4 ~ SeaWorld Orlando


Things are starting to turn at Mako, I mean just look:

Mako - Construction - 023

The higher banked track will be the first hill and turn after the initial drop on the coaster. The lower piece in the picture above represents the turn heading back towards the park and the flyover effect.

From inside the park and peeking through some of Kraken we see these elements a little more up close:

Mako - Construction - 024

Mako - Construction - 025

The higher turn heads out toward Kraken and runs along International Drive and supports are already hoisted into place for the next pieces of track to be installed in this area:

Mako - Construction - 026

Mako - Construction - 027

Meanwhile, another support is on a flatbed trailer and could be the next part to be put in place:

Mako - Construction - 028

Further out we see orange netting in the area where the parks hammerhead turn-around will be:

Mako - Concept - Hammerhead - 001

It is likely the support footers are in place and waiting support pieces similar to the ones above:

Mako - Construction - 029

Mako - Construction - 030

Back near the first drop, the quick bunny-hop style hill just before the brake-run is now in place:

Mako - Construction - 031

Speaking of the first drop, here is a neat close up of the track 200ft in the air:

Mako - Construction - 032

This will be a great angle to watch riders be thrilled by the new coaster:

Mako - Construction - 033

From inside the park we also see the frame for the station progressing daily for where riders will board the coaster:

Mako - Construction - 034

The entrance flyover now has some iron or steel work in place; including these that are likely the supports for the shipwreck flyover effect:

Mako - Concept - 003

Mako - Construction - 035

Also on the entrance building, an overhang where riders will likely enter the queue under that cool looking canopy:

Mako - Construction - 036

Taking a look at the main lagoon we are still awaiting that first support piece as more footers start to look near completed:

Mako - Construction - 037

As you can see above Mako is coming along in all sorts of places, below a cool shot I took of Kraken’s vertical loop in the foreground with Mako’s first drop in the back:

Mako - Construction - 038

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