Mako Construction Update #3 ~ SeaWorld Orlando


This post is more of a short blurb to express excitement over a great milestone in SeaWorld’s newest coaster. The first drop was installed yesterday and some exciting shots are featured below!

The excitement of the day started when I noticed the piece harnessed up and ready to be lifted:

Mako - Construction - 018

Later on, after leaving a show I noticed the piece being installed and got a couple of angles. Sadly, no pictures of the piece being lifted into place I was there to cover the first day of Wild Days and was in the Jack Hannah show as I was invited to do.

Mako - Construction - 019

Mako - Construction - 020

Checking out another couple of aspects of the site first we see the wooden concrete forms have been removed from the top on the entrance area:

Mako - Construction - 021

Checking out the main lagoon area we see some more potential progress in the form of footers and land movement. Likely this area won’t see action for another month or so.

Mako - Construction - 022

Be sure to stop by next week when a comprehensive post with more pictures of the stunning drop and more will be shared. Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through the site move and to those who are new to my posts welcome! Mako will surely make a splash!

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