Mako Construction Update #2 ~ SeaWorld Orlando


Welcome to our 2nd Mako update and the excitement is building as fast as the coaster! So let’s dive in!

Starting off, the pass-member news letter highlights Mako preview night to be in June. This could mean the coaster won’t open until then, however we could still see soft openings sooner as we did back in 2009 with Manta. Here’s a full rundown of the rewards this year

SeaWorld - Pass - Member - Calendar - 2016

With the topping off of Mako last week the park’s media team released a few photos from behind the walls

With this release was also a video uploaded to our new YouTube channel:

Getting back to this week’s happenings and angles, we start with a look at the brake run and track leading into it:

Mako - Construction - 010

Mako - Construction - 011

Taking a wider look from the same angle, we see that the first drop has made progress from the ground up and should start growing too:

Mako - Construction - 012

Also happening today was the installation of more maintenance stairs on the newly topped off lift hill. Two crew members spent the day installing from morning:

Mako - Construction - 013

To afternoon seeing the near topping off of the stairs, having these stairs installed could help facilitate the next piece and first drop section of the track:

Mako - Construction - 014

Taking a look from another new angle for us, we see the base of the lift in place:

Mako - Construction - 015

Nearby, we find a towering cinder block structure for an elevator where the station will be. The brown pilings are likely the start of construction on the station for Mako:

Mako - Construction - 016

From inside the park, work continues on the entrance area moving away from cinder block and moving toward wood forms which concrete has already been poured into:

Mako - Construction - 017

Soon we will see a beautiful entrance way into the world of Mako:

Mako - Concept - 003

With SkyTower down for refurbishment we aren’t able to get any pictures of the progress by Kraken. I can however tell you that from riding Kraken the holding lagoon is now nearly drained and some of the footers are not yet poured. One of my favorite elements on this type of coaster will be featured out here, the Hammerhead turn!

Here’s the full layout concept with the Hammerhead circled:

Mako - Concept - Hammerhead - 001

Since this coaster’s announcement I have found it funny how this element is named the hammerhead and this coaster is themed to a shark. Some B&M hyper-coasters have opted for a butterfly or helix element at the turn-around, but in the end I’m really glad they went with a Hammerhead element.

Here is a look at a Hammerhead on Diamondback at Kings Island:

Diamondback - 001

Thanks concludes this week’s Mako update. A big thanks to everyone for their outpouring of support on the new site and I look forward to bringing you more fun very soon! You never know what will hatch or be born next!

Penguin - 001

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