LEGOLAND Florida unvails the reimagined Imagination Zone

Legoland Florida, the park built for kids, welcomes those who let their imagination run free.


Beginning on 5/27, the newly re-imagined Imagination zone at Legoland Florida will welcome all those that can dream, build, fly, swim and create.

Legoland Florida Imagination Zone 001

This fully air-conditioned indoor space has been undergone some kid approved changes.

Including new zones of imagination that featuring floor to ceiling graphics and lots of colorful furnishings; all in the lego style.

Legoland Florida Imagination Zone 028

Zones include:

Creation zone

This zone provides guests a place to create whatever their imagination can think up on multiple surfaces.

Water Zone

In the water zone, guests can build a fish and then see their creation come to life on the wall in front of them.

Wheels Zone

This zone is all about wheel. The wheel zone allows guests to build a race car and then test it out on the down hill track.

Check mine out my creation later in the article

Flight Zone

Build you very own flying model and then send it for a test flight.

You can see mine later.

Building Zone

In the building zone, add your own building to the model city

Game Zone

Play some of your favorite LEGO games in the Game Zone


Build, program and test your own mindstorm model in the Mindstorms zone.

After having the chance to see and play in this amazing zone, I was instantly transported to my childhood of playing with Lego bricks. I designed and built a race car in the wheels zone

Legoland Florida Imagination Zone 021

as well as my “flying contraption” of success in the flight zone

Legoland Florida Imagination Zone 012

This newly re-imagined zone is a great break from the soaring Florida temperatures, that will entertain for many hours. Not only does it entertain, it allows and provides a creative and social outlet for kids, and adults, to build, learn, and explore their imaginations.

Legoland Florida Entry 001

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