LEGO Ninjago World Now Open ~ LEGOLAND Florida

Today, Legoland Florida in grand fashion, opened Lego Ninjago World at the park featuring the Lego Ninjago Ride.

The highly anticipated ride was met with great opening ceremony:

First our ninja master of ceremonies, introduced himself:

Next, he proceeded to teach some celebrity guests moves that were sure to aid all of us in our quest to mastery:

After all the training was complete it was time to open and at LEGOLAND Florida that always means confetti:

Lots and lots of confetti:

After all the confetti settled it was time to ride!

Here’s a look at our reverse POV ride and some queue highlights along with some park provided b-roll of the ride action:

In case you can’t find the entrance to the ride just look for the big Lego gong and it is to the right:

Inside the queue we find a couple places where kids can be creative and build while waiting in line. All of this in addition to some pretty cool Lego models from the series:

Legoland was also nice enough to offer some cool off-ride shots showing off the ride vehicles:

The new themed land has lots of activities for kids to brush up their ninja skills. All of this leading up to the ultimate test of Ninjago: The Ride!

Below are some more video highlights as we tour the area including the ride exit gift shop:

Lots of fun activities including mini climbing, spinning, and lighting drill challenge are found in Lego Ninjago World:

Also some pretty cool characters and a Dojo in Lego form of course:

Our favorite in the new land is this dragon guarding the main attraction:

Don’t forget you can always meet Kai and Nya inside Lego Ninjago World too:

Overall, Lego Ninjago World and the Ride make a great leap in technology and add a lot of fun to a park that is already loaded with fun!

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