Kraken Unleashed, Pop Highlights What’s Next is Now ~SeaWorld Orlando

What’s Next is Now at SeaWorld Orlando!

In addition to learning about Infinity Falls, we also got some more details on the rest of 2017’s new additions! First up let’s take a look at the presentation from the media event:

First we see Kraken 2.0 is now known as Kraken Unleashed:

Remember this was 1 of the 5 big things we learned about last year and we now know it opens June 16th:

We got to see several official renderings from the VR movie guests utilizing the headset will see while riding:

Perhaps the most interesting thing mentioned in the presentation above was that the park would be rolling out virtual queue for this experience. This is a first for SeaWorld and completes the trio of parks to eliminate at least 1 stand-by line in the park. Another sad but needed development is the change to Kraken’s queue and entrance icon. As Brian says in the interview video below, get you pictures now.

The old snake-like Kraken will be swimming off and a new creature will take its place:

In addition to Kraken we have Pop! A new bubble extravaganza that we got a preview of as you can see in the above presentation video!

Don’t forget you still have a month left for the Seven Seas Food Festival:

A month after the Seven Seas Food Festival ends we will see a “nighttime street party unlike any other” debut at the park. June 17th is the start of Electric Ocean:

Combine all of these with the great holiday experiences SeaWorld is known for and it is gonna be a great year ahead!


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  1. April 26, 2017

    […] learn all about the new for 2018 record-breaking river rapids in our announcement article. Until Kraken Unleashed opens in June 2017, expect the updates for it to be included in these updates. It’s going to […]

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