Kings Mills Antique Autos Construction Update #2 ~ Kings Island

It has been a little over 3 weeks since our last update on the 2019 addition. While there is mostly dirt/ clearing to see, it is definitely nice to get a perspective of how much space there really is for this ride. 

This area is suspected to be the entrance area and the former site of the Peach Basket game we showed you in our first update:

The Coke Refresh stand and former Dinosaurs Alive entrance area (this season a smoking section) are also cleared. Again a picture from the last post provided for reference:

We also clearly notice the leveling and demolition of the former Flight Commander pad. The elevated concrete and dirt mound are gone, though a pile of dirt remains. 

As we look back towards The Racer, track for the ride is supposed to run adjacent for some parts next to the coaster. This could provide some pretty cool pictures, but for that we’ll find out next year!

Seeing all this clearing is great news and a look from above really starts to show the vastness of the footprint:

We’ll have tons more to check out as the rest of the year goes on so stay tuned to our social accounts form more! 

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