Kings Mills Antique Autos Construction Update #1 ~ Kings Island

We have a unique opportunity to start this round of construction updates a different way. Our first update on the antique cars returning to the park called Kings Mills Antique Autos brings you a cool before look at the area. While this might not seem like much now, next year when the area is reborn this will be a fun look back at what was. I also hope this will help you understand where the 1,300 feet of track will be! First up, a video showing off a couple perspectives:

To start the photo portion, this building which will be Killmart during Haunt is staying:

Next up an overview of most of the area looking towards Windseeker and the end of Coney Mall midway. This pathway will all be ride area next year and the coke stand in the second picture will be eliminated as well:

Peach Basket will be relocated elsewhere on the midway but we’ve now seen the last of it for the season. The ride area will basically encompass half of the Coney Mall midway in this area all the way along side Racer:

The old Flight Commander pad will likely be cleared and leveled. Also, what this season is known only as a smoking section but was once the entrance to Dinosaurs Alive, will be gone as well:

We will be doing our best to bring you the view from above on this project from the Eiffel Tower. But as our coverage moves into Winterfest season the tower will close and we’ll no longer be afforded that perspective. Here we see a couple shots from above, the second shot a little more focused on the ride area. The first picture includes that Coke stand to be removed but notice in both the amount of land behind Flight Commander all the way to The Racer track. Definitely leaves lots of room for a nice layout when you taker into account half of the midway.

A fun fact I also mentioned in the video above, Backlot Stunt Coaster was where the original Antique Cars ran. They were closed to make way for the coaster. Here’s a look at that plot from above:

If there is anyone on our team I know that is excited for the return of the cars, it’s Brent! So stay tuned for future updates we will likely have our next look at the cars in a couple weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels and subscribe to our YouTube page:

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