Kings Island Off-Season Updates

We are less than a month away from the start of the 2019 season for Kings Island! The park recently shared some updates on 2 key projects going on around the park that we have been following and sharing. First up, the new ride Kings Mills Antique Autos.

The station is whole ride is coming along nicely and that all starts with the station:

Many other elements like covered bridges a neat looking gas station and little guardrail near Vortex are featured along the route so far:

The other major project announced during the off season is the massive International Street overhaul. We can see the progress coming along in all sorts of places in these pictures. Starting with this high and wide shot, we see work continuing on the new fountain elements and pathways.

A close look shows the fountain modern elements being added. Noticeable is the lack of the big fountain pieces that were removed when this all started. (second picture) I will miss these classic elements if they don’t return but I’d imagine this will make the ice rink easier to maintain during Winterfest.

In the picture above we see the old International Street pathway which is now also getting a new look:

While the 2 shots above show work on going on the ride side of the area the left appears nicely done:

Finally, we can notice in a couple of the shots and especially this one below some new jut-outs that put you right next the fountain:

Both projects are looking great but also don’t forget about the new dining plan restaurant coming to the park and dining plan this season! Miami River Brewhouse has a menu we can’t wait to try!

What are you most looking forward to at Kings Island in 2019? Tell us on one of social pages and follow along on 4/19 and 4/20 when the park opens for the season!

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