Kings Island announces Mystic Timbers for 2017


We’ve seen teases and hints all around for Kings Island’s next creation:

Capture Capture1

This lead us up to tonight:

Kings Island 2017 tease announcment

Tonight next to the site where we’ve seen those teases and hints, Kings Island announced it’s 2017 addition, Mystic Timbers!

Mystic Timbers Banner/ logo

The coaster will be 3,265ft long and 53 mph and feature a shed that won’t be spoiled or revealed until you ride! Slow climb through the woods and tree tops, and the ride will be crazy start to finish, and will interact with White Water Canyon, the parks existing river raft ride.  With 16 airtime hills the coaster will pull you out of your seat!



This will be a wooden coaster built by Great Coasters International, an american coaster company known for their awesome designs!


This coaster will make Kings Island the park with the most feet of wooden coaster track in the world with just over 18,00 feet!


The park will also have 5 wooden coasters more than any other park in the world!



Rivertown’s beginning was the formation of the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad and the Miami River Lumber Company. The lumber company began buying large sections of wooded land with the goal of using the railroad to make it easier to ship the timber out. But something mysterious, something that could not be explained, began to happen. The area surrounding the lumber company became overrun by a medusa-like growth of vines as nature moved in and reclaimed its land.

Soon you will be able to follow along on the progress via webcam here and check out all the videos on the official site.

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