Kings Island 2020 Update #4

Our 4th update from Kings Island is here and there is potentially some survey markers now in place! Let’s get straight to the video update:

Taking a closer look from the Eiffel Tower we can see the piles of gravel referenced in the video above. Look closely and you can see a few survey lines near the poles with flags (circled in black).

Looks like there is still more work to be done but we decided to take an even closer look from Racer’s exit. Again, try to notice the markings on the ground as well as the survey poles:

Closing out our look at this new development with an overall view. For perspective, Flight of Fear would be above this picture and we can see The Racer’s station and returning brake area with the covered roof. For this to connect to the other clearing it would have to be supports with track up high, potentially even going over Flight of Fear’s launch tunnel:

One other set of marker’s we noticed are over at Firehawk’s former site. While the cones have been there for some time, the 2 circled orange marker’s are new to me. In fairness I may not have noticed them before as well. Either way, these match the markings at the site above.

The rest of the clearing remains relativity unchanged other than being nicely cleaned up:

Finally, the building being constructed in the distance has a roof structure now so they are making good progress there as well:

This has been getting discussed enough to mention that Cedar Fair, parent company of Kings Island, has filed to trademark these 2 names for use in their parks. The names sound sort of galactic which would line up somewhat with the X-Base theme of the area with Flight of Fear. See the trademarks below:

There have also been plans apparently leaked from the Mason building commission for a “Project X”. This is of coruse just a code name but I’m wondering if it ties again to the X-Base theme?

Definitely lots of questions still to be answered and we’ll be there every step of the way with our coverage. Our followers know from our past project coverage that the work speaks for itself and we’re not gonna stop now!
(big coverage listed below and even more on the site)

Steel Vengeance:
Volcano Bay:
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