Kings Island 2020 Update #3

Week 3 is offering little excitement, but unlike other “mayhem” inciting sites that come and go we are now on week 3 of our coverage!

As I mentioned before and during the video, not much has changed except the actual clearing of brush and tress that we saw cut down in previous weeks. Here is a few overall views of previous shots:

Something I did notice this week is a couple spots by Firehawk that were not previously cleared as much as they are now. Take a look at these side by sides and how much more land is dug out and/or cleared compared to last year. While this may have been to help with Firehawk’s removal, it could also be for more. Look beyond Firehawk to the circled areas for easier comparison:

A few of our watchers and readers have mentioned the former Son of Beast area and wanted to give a look at the unchanged area over here as well. If you see those 4 blue objects on the left of the picture those are the old fountain heads from International Street:

Finally we close out with showing you that the couple pieces of Firehawk’s track have been moved to a more visual spot. Hopefully soon we can see this track arriving. For now this is the only track we see:

Here’s hoping the next time we check in we will have even more excitement to share and some even more development! Stay with our social channels as we have this covered from almost every angles and with nearly 40 pictures already this is only going to get bigger:

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