Kings Island 2020 Update #2

Welcome to week 2 of the land clearing saga at Kings Island! This week the clearing has expanded and we have a few other key points including a look at the overall space cleared from above so let’s go:

Starting off as we did last week, let’s take a look at the overall clearing site and also see that the former Firehawk area remains relatively unchanged:

Diving right into what’s new, we see the clearing that was last week only at the end of The Racer has been expanded even further. Throughout many of the pictures we can see they have been grinding up the downed trees from last week as well. Last week pictured first:

Continuing to look at the expanded clearing, we notice that it is starting to intrude or at least move towards the covered section (trim area) of The Beast. Look very closely past the Windseeker Tower and you will see the covering, and some of The Beast structure. Pictures pan from left to right, again, notice the rood covering in the 1st and 2nd pictures below:

Taking a look at the outdated Google maps aerial view, I have illustrated just about how close the clearing is getting:

Jumping back over to our previous clearing area of where Dinosaurs Alive once was, I wanted to give a more clear shot from last week:

Remember the structure being built we saw in the distance last week on our video? One of our YouTube subscribers suggested it may be used to relocate one of these maintenance/ storage building to another area so it can be cleared as well:

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to show an overall shot of where we stand with the current clearing. Obviously, the Google aerial map is a little outdated, but I have drawn my current best guess of an outline with the current clearing taking place:

Just a day after last week’s post, we took a drive to the nearby Clermont Steel Plant and found some mysterious track. Of note, this plant is responsible for coasters such as Diamondback, Banshee, Yukon Striker,and many more B&Ms across the country:

We were the first to spot this gray (possibly giga) track and notice that it didn’t belong to the rest of the Hershey track. Only time will tell if it will be headed just up the road to Kings Island:

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  1. James A says:

    You guys should contact sixohdieselrage to see if he would allow you to use his flight footage taken yesterday. The photos and video are already on KIC and give you a clear view of the clearing. Here is a link to his YouTube video

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