Kings Island 2020 Massive Land Clearing

And so it begins, maybe, on passholder night we were one of the first bring you the land clearing story via our social pages. Today on opening day we are back with quite the update on just how vast the land clearing taking place at Kings Island.

Getting into some views around the vast site, let’s first take an overall view and see this plot when connected runs all the way from Firehawk’s former site to the turn-around area next to The Racer:

Starting off with just the Firehawk area we can see lots when we dig deeper from this overall view:

We can see the trains in the top left, exit ramp, queue covers, and photo booth in the lower right. Surprisingly even a piece of track from Firehawk is visible:

From the ground we can see the former entrance area, queue coverings, and photo-booth better:

Though the areas don’t connect the former Dinosaurs alive area is what makes development more hopeful. The area sat pretty much untouched all of last season. No we see lots of clearing all over the place, the middle picture appears to also show some of the pathway from Dinos Alive too.

Most surprising to us is seeing the footprint stretch back the length of The Racer. The wide shot and zoom of the same picture below are next to the turn-around:

Finally, from a ground level, we can look through the old Dinosaurs Alive entrance area and see a ver small amount of the same clearing we saw above.

I’m hoping almost certain we will see more developments as the season goes on and we will be there every step of the way! So be sure to stay tuned to our social pages for the most comprehensive coverage on the internet of what looks to be a pretty big project!

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