Kings Dominion Trip Report 8/2017

Earlier this month I had the great opportunity to travel to Kings Dominion, part one of my three park trip! Kings Dominion is Doswell, VA was the first part of the vacation and it was great to go back for my second visit! It was just a half day visit so we didn’t get to experience everything, but both of us have been there before so it was no big deal if we missed a coaster or flat ride.

It was a Tuesday in August and was a very slow day. With the exception of Volcano and Dominator, every coaster was running in a one train operation with wait times at ten minutes or less. The only exception to that was I-305 for the front row.

Many people seem to compare Kings Dominion to Kings Island. While I definitely prefer KI over KD any day, KD has a few differences. First, I personally enjoyed the fountain a lot more at the entrance.

Our first stop was Intimidator 305, the tallest coaster in Virginia! Themed after Dale Earnhardt, the famous race car driver, this coaster is one of the four giga coasters in the Cedar Fair chain and definitely the most intense. I blacked out twice at the bottom of the first drop and during the ride as well.

Second stop was Volcano: The Blast Coaster. This is definitely the most popular ride in the park as we waited 30 minutes for our first ride and 15 minutes for our second ride later in the day. The coaster is located inside a man-made volcano. Volcano is an Intamin ride and doesn’t have the best capacity but has great features, including two launches, then a vertical section followed by the quarter loop, the park’s highest inversion. It was actually the highest inversion in the world until Cedar Point’s Gate Keeper claimed that record in 2013. Following that is three more heartline roll inversions.

Next stop was Dominator! Dominator is actually a relocation from the former Geauga Lake in Ohio. It is actually the world’s longest floorless coaster at 4,210 feet long with one of the tallest vertical loops on a steel coaster.

Soak City waterpark located inside Kings Dominion feature some pretty nice slides as well!

Also from within the waterpark, you get a pretty stunning look at Intimidator 305:

We did make a stop for a ride on Delirium. It is similar to Cedar Point’s MaxAir, though made by a different manufacturer.

One of my favorite attractions at Kings Dominion was the Eiffel Tower replica. This is an observation tower that opened with the park in 1975. Here are a couple of pictures I took from the top:

One ride I do want to mention is the Drop Tower. Wow. This and Kings Island’s are my favorite drop towers, and much better than Falcon’s Fury! Falling felt faster than the speed of gravity and I won’t lie, I screamed very loudly. I also enjoyed being able to see the entire park from Drop Tower, instead of one side of the park like Falcon’s Fury.

One ride I surprisingly enjoyed was Grizzly, a small wooden coaster going through the woods. I’d call it Kings Dominion’s mini version of The Beast from Kings Island. Last year I was unimpressed with it, this year I rode the front row and absolutely loved it! A fair amount of airtime and not too shaky! It was strange that you have to walk through the Dinosaurs Alive gift shop to make it to the entrance. Like The Beast, it’s very difficult to take pictures of except for the sign at the entrance.

Before we ended the night, we had to get two more rides on I-305! We waited fifteen minutes for the front row with one train operation but it was worth it! I thought I was going to die, which made the ride really enjoyable!

Before we left, there was one souvenir I was asked to pick up for our site creator, Jim. A piece of the Hurler which next year will be Twisted Timbers! The cost was $15.00 for a piece.

It was a short stop on the Virginia trip, but I was very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Kings Dominion, and ride I-305 in the front row in the dark! Coming up next is a report from Busch Gardens Williamsburg! Follow us on our socials for more coverage theme park coverage!

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