It’s a Baby Beluga: SeaWorld San Antonio

Early on the morning of August 11th, SeaWorld San Antonio welcomed the newest member of its family.

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The calf made its debut after 30 minutes of labor to mother Luna, with assistance from Martha, another experienced mother.

SeaWorld San Antonio Baby Beluga Luna Calf 2016 003

The animal care staff have been standing by since early July for the birth of this 140lb. While the sex of the calf is yet to be determined, the staff are taking a hands off approach while they monitor nursing, respiration rate and other vital indicators from a distance, so that mother and calf may have time to bond. Yet should the need arise, animal care staff are available 27/7 to assist.

SeaWorld San Antonio Baby Beluga Luna Calf 2016 002

Chris Bellows, SeaWorld San Antonio’s vice president for zoological operations:

“SeaWorld is deeply committed to the health and care of all our animals, and we are happy to report that the new calf has been observed bonding and swimming with mom as expected. We expect the calf to begin nursing soon, which is one of the first signs of health and well-being in a newborn.”

SeaWorld San Antonio Baby Beluga Luna Calf 2016 001

To ensure that mom and calf have the necessary time and environment to bond, presentations in Beluga Stadium are temporarily suspended; however, SeaWorld animal care staff will be holding limited viewing hours over the next few days for park guest to see the new friend.

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