International Street ~ Kings Island 2019

Earlier this year we found out about a wonderful sounding overhaul project coming to International Street and the Glockenspiel at the main entrance to Festhaus.

As you saw in the video above, The pathways are wider and the building are brighter!

The stage at the end of the fountain is bigger and we can’t wait to see the entertainment offerings on it throughout the season! From above we can see the wider and brighter streets yet again!

The entrance is still as photogenic as ever, this one does look a little gloomy as it was a colder overcast opening weekend this year!

Here’s a look at the internationally themed building of International Street. I love that they made the candy store the color of blue ice cream.

Just off International Street, we find the fully restored Glockenspiel in action! If you skipped through the video above go back and watch to the end to see the wonderful piece of art in action:

The restoration of all these great details re-solidifies International Street at Kings Island as one of the best park entrances in the world. I just love all the bright colors and more spacious pathways. With the Royal Fountain also restored and upgraded along with all the additional lighting I’m sure this years fireworks/ light show will be better than last years!

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