Infinity Falls Construction Update #2 ~ SeaWorld Orlando featuring Kraken Unleashed

It has been a little over a week since our 1st Infinity Falls update and we finally have something more than just walls. That statement doesn’t just go for the river rapids experience either:

Taking a look at Infinity Falls from the ground first, we can see one small piece of clearing equipment parked back there:

As we move on to our look from above we start with a wide-angle and see another small vehicle:

It looks as though one of the old guests paths has already been cleared by this vehicle and some of the signage that would be there is gone:

A lot of the other areas remain untouched as it has barely been a week since walls went up:

Taking a look over a Kraken what was the entrance eel is already coming down:

From the sky we see another angle showing us not much else has been touched on the sculpture yet:

Finally, as we walk towards the Dolphin Nursery walls we notice a roof structure is being added to the untouched poles from before. Those poles look to be refinished:

From above as always we get a much better look at all the details of this area as well:

That wraps another look at all 3 main projects currently taking place around SeaWorld Orlando and as you can see changes are happening quickly. Kraken and Dolphin Nursery are set to reopen during the summer! Stay tuned to our social accounts to stay #MoreInformed!

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