Infinity Falls Construction Update #1 ~ SeaWorld Orlando featuring Kraken Unleashed

Welcome to our latest construction series for Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando. You can learn all about the new for 2018 record-breaking river rapids in our announcement article. Until Kraken Unleashed opens in June 2017, expect the updates for it to be included in these updates. It’s going to be great fun covering the rise of a great new attraction that we were the 1st to tell you about:

So while not much is going on just yet, we see the long vast wall closing off the former SeaGarden area. The walls run from the ice cream shop by Shamu Stadium all the way to Nautilus theater:

Over at Kraken a crane is already on site for some maintenance. While the trains are being fitted with VR head sets, the lift seems the be the first target for some preventative maintenance:

The entrance remains unscathed at the moment, but as we heard in our interview with Brian Morrow the eel like creature that guards the ride will soon be no more. It could be the leopluradon that we’ve seen in the concepts:

SeaWorld brought us a look behind the walls today as well and we caught a glimpse of some small destruction already underway to remove the eel:

We also got a peek at the 1 of 3 trains that already has the VR headsets installed:

Finally we take a ground based look at Dolphin Nursery and there’s not much new other than a light. This is likely so they can work at night:

Stay tuned as we continue our coverage of SeaWorld Orlando’s newest projects both opening this year and next. Hopefully on our next visit SkyTower will be open so we can bring you some aerial progress!

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