Howl-O-Scream 2018 House Review


This years Howl-O-Scream event features 6 haunted houses.

Black Spot: This is one of the 4 returning houses to the event. Its always a solid middle of the road house. Its based around pirates. The house could benefit from a scene change as its been around for a few years and will prolly return next year. This house is located new the Fiends show so to avoid long waits avoid going right after the show lets out.

Unearthed: This house also returns this year for what is probably its last and final year. It is located in the old Gwazi station and with the rumor of Gwazi being turned into a RMC for 2020 it would seem this location is out of the picture for 2019. This house did see both a queue and layout design change slightly this year. We can only assume it is due to some early work going on for upcoming construction. The house seemed to flow a little better and featured some great scares and great actors this year. This house shot up a few spots in the ranks this year.

Death Water Bayou: This fan favorite returns for its 6th year. One would think this could be the last year for this house, but its been a huge favorite with guests so we will have to wait and see. This house used to be my favorite but with it being 6 years old now and no noticeable changes, it has become stale. If this is your favorite I would make sure to get in a visit this year just incase.


Motel Hell: Another fan favorite returns this year and is as fun as always. This house is based around a haunted motel that has a few laughs inside as well. This house continues to rank towards the top of the lineup.

Insomnia: This is one of the 2 brand new houses for 2018. Of the two this one seems to be the fan favorite. It replaces the old Zombie Containment house which is a huge improvement. It is based on a haunted asylum with some extra twists.

Simons Slaughterhouse: This is the 2nd of the 2 new houses for 2018. It also features a new recommendation of 17+. We felt that this recommendation was not placed due to intensity but part a marketing ploy and partly possibly to blood/gore. Of the two new houses this one clearly got a larger portion of the budget. While this house seemed to be more detailed it lacked in the scare department due to lack of scare-actors.

This year features a decent lineup however with the cut down from 7 houses to only 6 this year, the event suffers. My hope is that next year with a few houses leaving and some locations also leaving that we get some great new additions as well as a 7th house return.

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