Hersheypark to Expand up to 23 Acres for 2020 Season

According to this article, Hersheypark could see its biggest expansion in many years for the 2020 season! A plan was submitted to the local planning commission to use a now retired golf course the park owns for a massive expansion!

We can only imagine this would bring with it at least one nice sized ride for the same year. Given the area of the land Hershey could also look to stretch this into a multi-year plan with a new ride sprinkled in every other year, etc. All that was mentioned in this approval meeting  is a new entrance (current entrance area circled in red above) and more building to be built, along with improvements to the current tram circle.

For more on this project stay tuned to our socials as we learn more! 

Want to learn about the coasters of Hersheypark? Click on over to our feature! 

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