Hersheypark, PA Roller Coasters in the Sweetest Place on Earth!

When Milton Hershey formed his company and helped to found the city of Hershey, PA, Hersheypark was already a thought. Started as a leisure place for his employees the grounds soon began adding rides shortly after the park opened under the name Hersheypark in 1906.

Today, the park thrives as a destination with a great collection of coasters! Let’s take a look at the 13 current coasters in order of opening:

First up is a classic wooden coaster opened in 1946 and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC), it’s Comet:

Next up was the Trailblazer, a classic Arrow Mine Train opened in 1974 with some pretty fun helices!

Every coaster enthusiast loves a good  Schwarzkopf, but most are former traveling models. This is not the case for the custom-built and fun to say Sooperdooperlooper making its debut in 1977.

Sidewinder, a Vekoma Boomerang was the 1991 addition:

In 1996, a new to the scene Great Coasters International (GCI) built their very first coaster at Hersheypark. It probably helped the coaster creators aren’t far from the gates. GCI is still a powerhouse in wooden coaster construction today, this wouldn’t be their last project at Hershey, but more on that later.  The name Wildcat is a homage to the park’s first ever coaster of the same name.

In 1998, Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M) brought their inverted style coaster to the park with Great Bear. A slight difference from many other coasters, Great Bear begins with a helix:

Wild Mouse from Mack Rides,  scurried into the park in 1999:

Just 4 years after CGI hit the scene with Wildcat, they struck again with a pretty awesome dueling wooden coaster called Lightning Racer. The tracks weave and crisscross with each other in an epic battle to win the race between Thunder and Lightning.

Seeing it from above shows just how vast he layout of this year 2000 addition is!

In the age of the tallest and fastest Intamin coasters being built like Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka, Hersheypark took a different approach with Storm Runner in 2004. Featuring 3 inversions and 75mph launch the coaster hides in the trees even from above:

Intamin struck again raising the temperature and angle of descent (97 degrees) with Fahrenheit in 2008. The coaster features a vertical lift, 6 inversions, and a pretty unforgettable ride for one reason or another!

Even then Intamin wasn’t done and would go on to add SkyRush, the 3rd Intamin coaster in 8 years, in 2012! SkyRush is a forceful ride with seemingly never-ending airtime!

This aerial shot from the Kissing Tower (observation tower)  shows the mass of SkyRush with nearby Comet and Great Bear:

In the shadows of Storm Runner is where we find the new coaster for 2014, Cocoa Cruiser, a Zamperla Family Coaster:

The only coaster we can’t show you is the last coaster that was added to the park in 2015. Laff Trakk is an indoor Mauer Rides Spinning Family coaster, and it is a lot of fun and a little disorienting, just like you’d want a spinning coaster to be!

For more information, check out our friends at the Roller Coaster Database (RCDB), they are our go to for stats, dates and other coaster related information!

Hersheypark has a great collection of coaster worth a visit for any enthusiast but the park is still so much more! With the nearby Chocolate World, ZooAmerica, and even more great rides to see!

Be sure to follow our social accounts for more highlights and views at parks around the country! Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at the parks!

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