Hersheypark 2020 and Kings Island? 2020 Giga Coaster Track

We took a holiday drive down to Clermont Steel to see what kinda spring cleaning they were doing on track and always we weren’t disappointed!

While we can’t confirm it at this time we have to wonder who else would order Reddish brown coaster track other than Hersheypark who we know is getting a coaster as park of the ChocolateTown area. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key pieces around the plant. First on the side and towards the back we have the dynamic or high speed pieces, some painted others towards the back waiting for primer and paint:

Over towards the front doors we find station and lift track in various stages. Some pieces here also look completed and we would expect them to be on their way as soon as Hershey is ready to take delivery. We can see the words “station” and “lift” on the pieces. “MCR” stands for mega coaster (read tall and fast no inversions) and the R is the layout letter. Each layout receives it’s own letter:

But wait!!! As we zoom into those codes we spot “MCT” indicating a different layout and a different coaster. At this point we can speculate this is the rumored Kings Island giga starting production. Just yesterday we showed massive land clearance in our first update from the park. Dollywood is the only other park that has adequate land clearance, so we can only speculate, but I currently feel strongly that this is Kings Islands coaster:

These support beams closer to the road could belong to either project at this point as well. This photo also gives and overall view of the area we looked at above. The gray primer colored track is likely all “MCT”

Finally in another area closer to the road we see more of the Hershey pieces and some curved pieces closer to the wall:

Again please remember to never trespass into this area, we do not! All of our pictures are safely taken from public roads as we pass by the plant. The factory is known to prosecute and we do not blame them! It is for everyone’s safety!

If you would like to use our photos please give credit and reach out for permission first, thank you!

Stay tuned to our social channels as we continue to follow the story of these pieces as they make their way to a park for 2020 and beyond!

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