Hangtime announced for Knott’s Berry Farm in 2018

In the final announcement of the day, Knott’s Berry Farm brings us the 4th coaster from Cedar Fair opening in 2018. Hangtime will be a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster!

  • 150 feet tall
  • 57 mph
  • Holding brake before first drop 2 seconds
  • 96-degree angle first drop
  • 3 trains with 16 riders/ train
  • Steepest drop in CA
  • 5 inversions
  • Lap -bar only no seatbelts
  • 48″ height requirement
  • 800 person hourly capacity

Hangtime joins the list of names of Cedar Fair coaster coming in 2018 that include: Twisted Timbers, RailBlazer, and Steel Vengeance

Stay tuned to our social accounts as announcement season isn’t over yet as we still have lots of Six Flags parks yet to spill the beans and who knows who else will!

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