Halloween Horror Nights 26: Original Houses & Scare Zones

With the nightmare of Halloween Horror Nights just over a month away, Universal Orlando has released the final details of this years event.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 26 Logo

First up, we drive into the holiday spirit with Krampus, where you will be transported to scenes from the movie to meet dark elves, gingerbread men wielding nail guns, and the engorged Jack-in-the-Box all trying to protect your soul from Krampus himself.

If you still feel up to it after visiting Kramous, take your Chances in Lunatics Playground 3D: You Won’t Stand A Chance.

Halloween Horror Nights 26 Lunatics Playground 3D

Chance has been set free while Jack is away and now it is her turn to play, as she unleashes the horrors of here imagination.

Don’t get stuck down in Ghost Town: The Curse of Lighting Gulch as the power of lighting has set forth an age old curse on the souls of miners who once worked in its mines.

An ancient evil has returned from the pits of hell to rule civilization in Tomb of the Ancients.

But the horror does not just live in the houses around Universal Studios, Five terrifying scare zones make sure that you can never let your guard down.

  • Survive or Die – A global catastrophe has ruined Earth’s atmosphere. One group of survivors secured a machine that provides clean air. The two other surviving groups are on the hunt to gain control of the machine and are recruiting new members to help them. You can either join them or feed their starving ranks. Which will you choose?
  • Banshee’s Lair – Travel deep into the forest where evil spirits and horrific creatures of the ancient world roam free. Mother Nature’s magical barrier of vines has been torn away and the modern world has found the entrance to this corrupted grave.
  • Dead Man’s Wharf – When a fishing vessel named Annabel Lee never returned to the harbor and was lost forever, the wharf was left uninhabited as a memorial to her. Now, a strange fog has rolled into the village. And the long-lost fishermen’s spirits seek to punish the town that left them.
  • Vamp 1955 – Welcome to Hollywood High School’s 1955 Homecoming Parade. Everything is in place, until the greasers roll into town with fangs instead of switchblades. It’s a procession of chaos with vampires ready to take a bite out of anyone in sight.
  • A Chance In Hell – Get ready for the audition of a lifetime. Chance may be locked away, but that hasn’t stopped her. As the alarms ring and the bloody remains of those who tried to stop her lie around, she’s busy recruiting cellmates to join her biggest act yet. (I hope I get chosen!)

Lastly the event staple Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure returns with another “excellent” adventure this year. Along side Bill and Ted’s adventures, the event will also feature Academy of Villains, where you can join a high energy performance troupe of inmates in this insane show of terror inducing mayhem, dance and specialty acts.

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