Gatlinburg Fires; Help Us, Help Dolly, Give Back

In the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, lives some of the nicest, kind and generous people I have ever encountered. A lot of people know the area for Dollywood Theme Park, Dolly Parton’s namesake park. However, there is so much more in this area, just up the road from Dollywood is a city called Gatlinburg.

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Recently a devastating fire ripped through thousands of acres and destroyed nearly everything in its path. Just a few of the memorable attractions were spared. It has personally saddened me to see all that has been lost, but this hits even closer to home.  My husband and co-creator/ co-writer for this site Brent is actually from Sevier county and grew up very close to where the fires ravaged. Most of his family still lives in that area, and all are safe thankfully.

To see a place where I have been at least a dozen times and even lived for a short time, and the place where my husband grew up deal with such tragedy but come together is even more inspiring! Brent and I knew we wanted to help but didn’t know how and after a couple of days of thought we were given a great opportunity.

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To help all those who have lost everything in the devastation, Dolly Parton reached out to her family of companies to establish the MyPeopleFund.


The new fund will provide $1,000 each month to families who have lost their homes in this disaster for up to six months as they need it. We wanted to give our readers and followers a chance to help those in need and gain a little something for their kindness in return.

Lightning Rod Dollywood

So we have come up with the idea for a silent auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the MyPeopleFund.   

Here’s how it works:


Starting today, we will be taking email bids on the items pictured below for the next 2 weeks. All items have a minimum bid and there is now cost for shipping. Once your bid is accepted, you will be emailed to confirm your bid, and you will be updated if you have been overbid or someone has already bid your amount. The auction will end on 12/16/16 at 8 PM

To bid email: with the item name and your bid.


As mentioned above shipping is included, if you would like your item quicker and live in the Orlando-metro area we would be willing to discuss a place to meet or drop off your item.


We would like to get funds to those who need it most as soon as possible. Therefore, payment will be due immediately at the time the auction ends and you are notified you have won. Payment will need to be made via PayPal within 48 hours. After that,  we will move on to 2nd and 3rd place bidders and so on. Once payment is received your item will be shipped within 1 day.

Now on to the good stuff, the items we are offering:


Legoland Florida Pack 1: Lego Movie 4D World Premiere Clap-Board, Legoland Florida notepad and pen, Legoland Beach Retreat Bag

Minimum bid: $15


Legoland Florida Pack 2:  Legoland Beach Retreat Bag and pink Legoland Florida towel

Minimum bid: $10


Mako Pack: Mako special edition plush, Mako drawstring bag, 2-Mako magnets, Mako notepad, and Mako lanyard

Minimum bid: $25

silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-003 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-004 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-005

Cobra’s Curse Pack: Cobra’s Curse drawstring bag, Cobra’s Curse notepad, Cobra’s Curse cup, Cobra’s Curse koozies

Minimum bid: $20

silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-006 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-007

Disney 4-Park Lithograph set in great condition with certificate of authenticity

Minimum bid: $30

silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-016 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-017 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-018 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-019 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-020 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-021

4 Separate map packs come with the selected maps below in all 4 sets:

silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-012 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-013 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-014 silent-auction-dollywood-gatlinburg-015

Map Pack #1: Maps above plus Falcon’s Fury Bag

Minimum bid: $10


Map Pack #2: Maps above plus Great Coasters Inc. bag

Minimum bid: $10


Map Pack #3: Maps above plus Fun Spot drawstring bag

Minimum bid: $10


Map Pack #4: Maps above plus SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fun bag

Minimum bid: $10


If none of the above items listed interest you, feel free to make a donation directly to the fund: HERE

If you cannot afford to give but are reading this post, please share it on your social accounts so that we can spread this as far and wide as possible! Meanwhile stay tuned to all our social accounts for more details and updates on this auction:

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