Food and Wine Festival Back with Great New Tastes ~ Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa is serving up some great small plates at a great value once again this year.  The 2017 Food and Wine Festival has new decor and new flavors alongside some old favorites. All this in a park with one of the best coaster collections in the state!

Currently running weekends through the end of April, the event also features a great concert line-up!

Another great sight to see at the event is the several topiaries through the park like the one seen above. Below we see the biggest of the creations with the spirit of the spring which made her debut with the 1st year of the event:

But it wouldn’t be food and wine without great flavors so let’s check out what we’ve tried!

One of the best beverages available, especially on a hot day, is the frozen sangria. It has lots of flavors and is very refreshing:

Picking up your festival guide will help you navigate all the event has to offer, like this Pork Slider with Coca-Cola infused BBQ sauce:

The bacon mac and cheese has returned in all its creamy and savory goodness:

For those who like lamb, the Lamb Chops with Tabouleh and Zatziki has also returned. Also a great inexpensive way to try something new!

A new favorite is the Coca-cola infused chocolate cupcake with Pop-rocks on top. This was a delectable dessert and the chocolate had a great flavor!

The venison meatloaf was a little dry as game-style meats generally are:

The mango shrimp ceviche packs a lot of mango taste into a fair-sized cup and just a hint of shrimp flavor still in there too. On the right is another great item returning. Beef brisket on a spiced corn waffle:

Finally we tried the Key Lime Berry Parfait Mousse. It is another great dessert added to the menu this year!

Have you been to Busch Gardens Tampa for the Food and Wine Festival or even the Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld Orlando? We wanna hear what your favorite dish was/is!

Reply in the comments section below or on our social pages!

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