First Raptor Track Coaster from RMC ~ Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced Wonder Woman Golden Lasso. This is the first in what we expect to be many single rail roller coasters coming from RMC in the next few years. This innovation allows for the train to run on a single rail instead of 2. The coaster is expected to run 3 trains with 8 people per train, so capacity could be an issue.

Details Known:

  • First RMC Single-Rail Coaster
  • 90-degree drop
  • 3 Inversions
  • 180-degree stall
  • Zero-G Roll
  • 2- Airtime Hills
  • 3 Trains/ 8 Riders per train

Here’s a concept video from the park:

SFFT New 2018 | Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Here’s a look at some concept art:

But an expected twist in the story is this may not be the only single-rail coaster opening next year! A hint on the Facebook page of Rocky Mountain Construction says “one of our Raptor coasters for next season….” This means the excitement on these style rides is not over yet as we enter announcement season.

Could the “SR1” at California’s Great America be code for “Single Rail”? Stay tuned to our page as we bring you all the exciting details throughout the next several weeks!

As a reminder RMC is already hard at work on their traditional dual rail I-Beam style track at Cedar Point in the overhaul of Mean Streak. We have been covering “New” Mean Streak in-depth with detailed construction updates! We will be at the announcement for the details at Cedar Point in a couple of weeks!

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