#UPDATED: Firehawk Not Completely Dead, Moving to Dorney Park?

UPDATED: At this time we can almost assume we have been deceived by a user that is skilled in Photoshop or some other editor. We shall see if this story comes back around and if the track is scraped at the end of the season or not.

A short, quick update on currently at Kings Island. A reader has sent us a screen grab of apparent format testing of Dorney Park’s website:

So what do we notice about the “new” Desert Hawk? Well for starters in the picture’s background we see the Eiffel Tower, something Dorney Park doesn’t have. We can also see the coaster is planned to open late summer next year indicating the coaster will be quickly taken apart and moved.  

This post is still in speculation phase as we have no official word from either park at this time. We just wanted to take a moment and share with you what a reader was kind enough to share with us.  

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