Finnegan’s Flyer ~ Busch Gardens Williamsburg 2019

The beautiful Williamsburg, VA park will swing its way into 2019 with the all new Finnegan’s Flyer! 

Soaring at more than 80 feet in the air above the Ireland Village area of the park, the ride will fly at a top speed of 45 mph!

The location as show in the concept art, is just awesome swinging near some pretty cool elements:

As an added bonus, over at Water Country USA, water park fans will get a new thrill. Cutback Water Coaster will curve and launch its way to the park next season just in time for summer! 

The saucer hybrid water coaster will propel raft’s of 4 riders around 850 feet of course:

These 2 new additions to each of the Williamsburg parks are sure to be a hit and who knows what the park will shuttle in for 2020? Maybe its time to think about launching back into the coaster realm? Stay tuned!

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