Electric Ocean and More Bring Summer Fun to SeaWorld Orlando

Summer is here and this year that means lots of new and exciting things to see and do over at SeaWorld Orlando. Some of the new attractions are here for a while and some are only here for the new Electric Ocean summer event. This post will highlight everything new and exciting going on at SeaWorld.

While the Dolphin Days show may not be brand new it is still a pretty recent change at the park. Dolphin Days debuted in April of this year replacing the long running Blue Horizons show. While many were concerned that Dolphin Days would not live up to the excitement and entertainment that many enjoyed with Blue Horizons, I can say that it still delivers that same level of quality.  If you have not checked out the new show, I highly recommend catching a show next time at the park. You can also watch the debut performance here!

On my most recent visit, I finally caught a showing of POP. This is a brand new bubble show performed by Fan Yang, that takes place in the Nautilus Theater until September 4th. Note the show is not performed on Thursdays. I will admit that when I first heard about this show, I really did not know what to expect. The show is very impressive and a huge hit with children. This is a type of show that I highly recommend arriving early to for a good seat to be able to really take in the show. I would say the show is definitely worth checking out and has an amazing ending. It is also is a great way to get out of the summer heat and enjoy the air conditioning.

The biggest new attraction this year is Kraken Unleashed. This is an all new virtual reality (VR) experience that has taken over Kraken to bring it a whole new life to the ride. SeaWorld is calling it more than just an overlay, but a whole new experience.  I will say that it is definitely worth checking out before making an opinion especially if you have never experienced a VR coaster before. Just remember that because of their new Spot Saver  queue system you will want to go early to ensure you can ride when you visit. For more on the SpotSaver system and to view lots of cool details, check out our full post on Kraken Unleashed!

This summer also brings the return of Sea Lions Tonite! This show is a very welcome return as it did not return last year. It is a hilarious parody show of Clyde and Seamore visiting SeaWorld, that is performed once a night during the event. I thought it was even better than before with lots of new jokes, but also many of guests favorites returning. Also this shows return, brings us the return of the famous SeaWorld mime.

We also get to welcome the return of Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night. This is a high energy performance that is a lot of fun. It is important to note that this is not the same show as One Ocean, so it is worth checking out both. It definitely helps get you in the mood for Club Sea Glow and Ignite. Not a whole lot has changed this year besides a few minor tweaks. Sadly I am hearing that this could be the last summer for this show so try to see it just in case.

After seeing Light Up The Night, I highly suggest making your way over to Bayside Stadium. Club Sea Glow is where the true party really is. This is an amazing EDM dance party that includes a DJ, dancers, and more. The dance floor is tons of fun, or you can sit in the seats and people watch. I really enjoyed my time here and you could tell everyone else did. It is one huge party that goes until Ignite begins.

The night ends with SeaWorld’s brand new nighttime spectacular Ignite. This is an awesome show, that uses, lasers, pyro, fire, and more. I enjoyed the very high energy that it provided to close out the party at Club Sea Glow. The show is a little on the shorter side, but very unique and people are raving over it!

As you can tell there is so much going on at SeaWorld this summer. Those of you who follow us regularly know that something big is coming in 2018 as well with Infinity Falls! FlameCraft Bar is also said to be on track for later this year as well!

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