Electric Eel Announced for 2018 ~ SeaWorld San Diego

We already know what SeaWorld San Diego will unveil later on this year with the Ocean Explorer area:

Today, the park gave us a look even further into the future by announcing a new roller coaster! Electric Eel announced for 2018, will be the tallest and fastest coaster at SeaWorld San Diego when it opens.

Electric Eel will cap off an amazing and bold set of additions to the park. This includes: the Ocean Explorer area, Electric Ocean nighttime extravaganza, and an all new Orca Encounter.

With Electric Eel, SeaWorld’s Deep Blue creative design team will fuse the visceral thrills of a contemporary coaster with a compelling interactive and educational eel experience. Using innovative state-of-the-art technologies, this interactive experience will allow guests to discover fascinating information about these mysterious animals, including their unique predation skills and diets, growth rates and sensory abilities.

The coaster itself will feature multiple launches forwards and back through a full circuit track above the loading area. Overhead, guests will twist and loop above. Electric Eel will be over 150 feet tall and go over 60 mph:

Those that follow the SEAS brand may have seen a coaster like this before if they have visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  Tempesto is a great example of what guests can expect in San Diego:

We found this coaster to be a short but very thrilling attraction. It added to a wonderful collection at Busch Gardens and feel that Electric Eel can do the same for SeaWorld San Diego! The new coaster will be built next to Journey to Atlantis and the all new area Ocean Explorer.

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