Dynamic Attractions Wows at IAAPA Tradeshow!


Dynamic Attractions chose to trade in their VR headsets for an all new type of attraction. The all new Dynamic Motion Theater wowed guests and even judges at the trade-show, leading to yet another Brass Ring award:


So what is the Dynamic Motion Theater? Well, first guests enter and sit in the center of the attraction; seats they later learn not only turns, but also lifts, tilts, drops and rotates. While screens surround the seating initially and while moving scene to scene, they are not the key part of the show but just a small integral part. Here’s a look at the company provided concept art:


We had a chance to check out the mock-up model at this years IAAPA Tradeshow:

dynamic-attractions-iaapa-2016-004 dynamic-attractions-iaapa-2016-005dynamic-attractions-iaapa-2016-007

Finally, Dynamic Attractions was also kind enough to provide us with a video showing what a motion theater would look like:

We are so eager to see one of these theaters come to life and hopefully soon. All they can tell us right now is

There is a lot of interest from several perspective companies

Dynamic Attractions is everywhere, even if you don’t realize it and coming up very soon we’ll have a special look at a lot of their domestic creations and an interview with one of the creative minds part of this Dynamic team so keep reading and stay tuned!


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