Dolphin Days at SeaWorld Orlando Debuts

The new and exciting show Dolphin Days debuted at SeaWorld Orlando today. Here is our video of the first public show!

As you can see from the video some of the Broadway-style acrobatics we saw in Blue Horizons is gone. A good trade for the much more interactive and educational show that really drives home SeaWorld’s true message.

Fear not, the high-flying dolphin behaviors and fun in the water trainer interaction has stayed! With an exciting new soundtrack as well!

In our opinion, we disagree with many reports saying the show is something you’d expect to see at a regional Aquarium. Instead it helps to usher in the new era of SeaWorld and its message. Touch the heart to teach the mind. The interaction and move away from show-y circus style entertainment is a great move!

There’s lots more dolphin excitement coming soon to the park with the all new Dolphin Nursery well underway as well:

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