Dolly Parton Opens Her Latest Adventures in Tennessee

New for the 2017 season, DollyWood has opened Dropline as part of the “Year of the Family” Celebration.

Dropline takes guests 230 feet above the rolling hills of the Smoky Mountains, as it slowly rotates, before letting them free fall back to the park.

Opening soon and just next door to Dropline, Whistle Punk Chaser is for the smaller loggers to gain their skills before moving up to some of the parks bigger attractions.

Also opening today, Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventure. This one of a kind dinner show, previously know as Lumberjack Feud and/or Lumberjack Adventure, showcases the story of how Dolly’s parents came to meet during the rousing rivalry between the Owens and the Partons. The show features amazing acrobatic performers display their abilities on trampoline, Chinese poles, aerial silks suspended three stories above the stage and in the amazing Electro-wheel all while guests enjoy a 4 course dinner.

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