Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Opens A New Attraction

Miss Adventure Falls recently opened this past weekend over at Typhoon Lagoon.

This is a family friendly raft slide that the whole family will enjoy. This new attraction brings to life the story of Captain Mary Oceaneer. The story goes that Captain Mary was a treasure hunter that got stranded at Typhoon Lagoon with her pet parrot.

This new slide clocks in at 2 minutes making it the longest slide at Typhoon Lagoon.

It also features a very convenient conveyor belt to take you to the top which means no climbing up stairs to ride or carrying your raft that holds 2-4 people.  Miss Adventure Falls also does not have any height requirements which is a nice welcome since the previous newest attraction Crush ‘N’ Gusher had a minimum height requirement of 48 inches.

Miss Adventure Falls also features great theming and even features Disney’s first audio animatronic at their water parks that helps explains the story up the conveyor belt in your raft.

While Miss Adventure Falls may not be the biggest or most thrilling attraction at the park, it is a great addition for families and features great theming that I would love to see continue on future attractions.

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