Disney Springs Construction & Rumors Update April 2017 ~ Walt Disney World

Today we take you over to Disney Springs to take a look at the different construction projects going on, as well as talk about a few different rumors.

First up we take a look over at the site where The Edison will be opening in late 2017. This location is inspired from its sister location in Los Angeles and will feature a restaurant, bar, and entertainment.

Over at STK we took a look at their all new brunch menu. The new menu will be offered every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm. It features many of the classic STK favorites with a whole bunch of new brunch offerings. Also, a reminder that STK is no longer open during the week for lunch at this time.

Next we take a walk over to Town Center and this is where our first rumor comes in. We have heard some info that it seems the lighting in the water will be switched over to LED lights. The reason behind this we hear, is so that night-time light shows could be offered. They would also be able to change the light colors in the show to coordinate with the different holidays. If this rumor does play out to be true do not expect anything like a night-time spectacular. I would expect a small light show that would last a few minutes and take place every 15 minutes or so.

Over at Polite Pig, we see that a sign has been added and some of the construction walls are down. From their social media we do know they have installed the beer taps already and are going to offer a very nice beer selection. They are currently claiming an April open and I know have begun hiring. We shall see what happens, but expect an opening date soon.

Inside the Disney Co-Op store in the Marketplace area we check out the brand new dresses by Cherry Tree Lane. These new dresses and accessories are all inspired by Disney attractions and characters.  They are very cute looking and they are claiming they are the perfect outfit for Dapper Day.

We have another rumor, this time much bigger. We are hearing that beginning as early this Fall but most likely during the beginning of the new year, we could begin to see walls go up around some shops and attractions inside the Marketplace area. This would be to both replace and refurbish some venues and bring them to the same quality level. Other shops could be moved to a better position on the property.

Something we know for sure is that Portobello will be closing later this month for refurbishment and is scheduled to reopen this fall. Portobello is a Levy brand restaurant. They are the same owners of newly refurbished Paddlefish next door. We reviewed Paddlefish back when they reopened earlier this year.

Our last rumor at this time takes us to the other end of Disney Springs to the West Side area. We do know that Disney Quest is closing for good on July 3rd. We also know that Disney and Cirque has confirmed that at the end of this year the current show La Nouba will be coming to an end. Nothing has been officially announced for what will be taking place afterwords. However, we have been told that a traveling Cirque show will be debuting inside a very large tent that will be placed in the surface parking lot behind La Nouba. During this time we are also hearing that refurbishment will be taking place inside the current La Nouba theater. This would be for new Cirque Show that would debut Spring 2018.

This leads us to the last part of this rumor. We know that currently construction is taking place across the street from Disney Springs for a 3rd parking garage. We have heard that once the new Cirque show debuts inside the refurbished theater, Disney would like to build a 4th garage for Disney Springs in the surface lot as soon as the temporary tent is removed. You may be asking why the need for a 4th garage? Well, if Marketplace gets refurbished and a brand new Cirque show debuts along with the new NBA Experience where Disney Quest currently sits, I expect a large increase in visitors to Disney Springs. Disney also has Star Wars Land opening up in 2019 at Hollywood Studios and this would align with that opening time frame.

Stay tuned for updates to all of these rumors and the construction taking place! Our social accounts will bring you the latest and fastest info:

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