Copperhead Strike ~ Carowinds 2019 New Coaster

Today we learned what Granny has truly been cookin’! Copperhead Strike, a twisted, beautiful entanglement of steel with 2 launches will debut at the park next season! 

Copperhead Strike is a getaway car racing through farmlands and begins with a jo-jo roll right after leaving the station. Riders then head through the barn and then into the first launch!

The ride continues with over half a mile of total track including twists turns and more:

  • 3,255 total feet of track
  • 5 inversions
  • 2 launches
    • 1st: 0-42 mph in 2.5 seconds
    • 2nd 35-50 mph in 2 seconds
  • 3- 16 passenger trains

The coaster takes up over 5 acres of land and includes many low to the ground maneuvers

Your ready!!! Let’s take a virtual on this crazy ride debuting next year:

MACK Rides is definitely bringing a masterpiece to the Carolinas

You can hear the excitement in everyone from the park as well! 

I love this first loop after the initial launch:

No coaster is complete without an over-banked turn!

Stay tuned to our socials for more details and information on Copperhead Strike and more rides coming in 2019! 

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  1. September 13, 2018

    […] yet to pick one out. Wondering from the stats listed above if it isn’t something similar to Copperhead Strike? Time will tell, and probably very […]

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