Coney Bar-B-Que ~ Kings Island Review

Opening day 2018 has come and gone at Kings Island and with that we had a chance to sample many of the items at the all new Coney Bar-B-Que. Seeing as how this is a counter service this review will be mainly reviews of the food items.

From concept:

To realization, Coney Bar-B-Que really fits in with the overall theme/design of Coney Mall:

I just love the entry area, before jumping in line for food take a look at all the classic Coney Mall rides names. Some rides are still at the park and others are no longer with us:

Pictures of some of those rides line the walls as well:

Taking a look at the layout and design we see 2 separate serving lines available for use on those busy days:

If you are on a dining plan your only option here is 1 entree and 1 side. But rest assured there is plenty of great options to chose from and you’ll want to come back. We should note, as of now, there are more sides than those listed on the menu as you’ll see in our food reviews below:

You start by choosing your meat (entree) item then move onto selecting your sides:

Let’s take a look at the ratings/reviews of the items we were able to try:

  • Smoked Sausage was very juicy and a very nice portion as you can see in the picture above. 5/5
  • Twisted Fries are seasoned and nice variation from the potato wedges usually found at places like this. 5/5

Tri-tip is kinda comparable to brisket but is a thicker cut and a little chewier than brisket. Prepared very well here, makes it as tender and juicy as can be. Would personally rather see brisket but this is well done! 4/5

Mac & Cheese is exactly as it needs to be and has a great flavor and a great portion. Not the best we’ve had but definitely above your average bowl.  4/5

Pulled Pork is really awesome, as far as flavor is concerned it’s perfect. 5/5

Baked sweet potato is really good, we only wish they could be a little more generous with the brown sugar. 4/5

Saving the best for last the rotisserie chicken is above and beyond. The chicken is perfectly juicy on the inside but the rub and flavor on the outside makes it one of if not the best chicken we’ve had! If you think your local grocery has the best come to Kings Island, this tops all! 5/5

The hush puppies are prefect, we’ve had some really good ones before and some pretty terrible oily ones(Long John Silvers). These are just perfect and do their job of accompanying  the main dish. 5/5

Outside we see several seating areas, one at each exit as well as some tables with umbrellas. We also find a small sauce bar with 2 types of BBQ sauce and other condiments:

Overall, while it is opening weekend the staff are still learning but very friendly and clearly into the concept! The atmosphere highlighted above is awesome and the theme fits. To me, this is now the place to eat at Kings Island, given you’re not in the mood for Skyline or LaRossa’s Pizza! You can easily use 3 meal plans here and still not try everything so we’ll be back for more later in the season!

Here’s a quick tour of the Coney Bar-B-Que in video form:

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