CoasterStock 2018 ~Kings Island ~Day 2

CoasterStock continued very early on day 2 with a great speaker on the history of the train. WE also got an up-close look at the train shed area which you normally only pass by on the ride:

As we were returning from our train experience we saw a few pieces of Kings Island’s past. One of them a little further back in time than the other two.

These old seats are from the newly refurbished Skyline Chili on International Street. We also saw the old trash cans from Dinosaurs Alive which closed for good at Kings Island last year.

We then moved on quickly to our next tour of the morning and it was a doozy! Lights on Flight of Fear walk through. For those that don’t know Flight of Fear is an indoor in the dark coaster so getting to see the track was quite the treat! The coaster is just a tangled web of track everywhere you look:

The trains on Flight of Fear used to have over-the-shoulder-restraints (OtSR), but those were painful and changed out to the current lap bar system. On the floor under the ride area we saw an old set of those OtSRs. Also pictured is a look at the current lap bar system:

That wasn’t the only thing we found in storage in this building. Long-time park-goers may remember a coaster named Scooby’s Ghoster Coaster that once stood about where Surf Dog is now in Planet Snoopy I believe. For more on what the coaster once looked like be sure to check out our friends at While on our tour we found control panels, electrical panels, track rails, and more. Quite a surprising find for us, given the coaster has been gone since 2005:

We also saw this set of wheel bogeys on a shelf, but are unclear if they also belong to the above mentioned defunct ride:

In between tours, I had some fun with a couple neat shots combining 2 rides in action. Enjoy:

Our last tour of the event was The Beast. We had a chance to walk under the first lift hill, over the tunnel areas, and down into the valley of a couple turns before the second lift hill:

We had a blast at CoasterStock and got a chance to hang with some great friends and just have some relaxing fun! That’s what the parks are all about! Fun times, great rides, and in the case of Kings Island good food and snacks!

In case you missed, it be sure to check out our CoasterStock Day 1 post with more behind the scenes video and pictures. It also features what we learned during the Q&A session with park GM Mike Koontz.

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